Heather Has Sen Bein



Walking Dead Michonne - This game seems to never end but in the video above, you get to see the finale of the game. I know is some spoiler alert but I just wanna show everyone what the game looks like when a series comes to an end. But if you don't wanna know how it will turn especially when you are nearing this part, then just skip it! :)

I just wonder who does not know about Clash Royale. Yeah, because this game is an evolution for player who got tired of playing COC. It's actually a fun game and challenging because real time battle is taking place. Unlike the previous COC where you just upgrade your castle and hope someone don't get in. And you know how it is. There is always someone better. But in Clash Royale, its about strategy and which character you place against another. Pretty amazing and I actually have more fun playing it than COC

Sims Freeplay, the mobile version of the well known game SIMS. Everybody knows what it is about and that is why many quickly jump in and play the mobile version. Some continue, some don't. Why? because it is a compact game compared to its original version. But the good thing about the mobile version is the continuous evolution of the mobile platform and every year phone become more powerful. So the game gets to evolve as well that its graphic capability is even better to the original PC games. And that is why many still love playing it. I'm not so much of a fan to the game until I found a couple of cheats to it. That's when things got exciting since I get to fast forward my game and become an instant millionaire. (although I really wish it was in real life hahahaha). 

And for the last one tonight, its Clashlands! An old school style gameplay. Simple 2d game as you shoot your enemies with your space rifle as you get stuck in an alien world. Fast fun, simple and exciting. That what this game is all about. Go watch the video above and you'll understand what I am talking, errr writing here. :)